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WIKIZEUM ms2 / Łódź / 2011
Project from the cycle Economy of gift
curator: Leszek Karczewski / co-curator: Karol Radziszewski

In August 1981, in the middle of the "Carnival of Solidarity", Joseph Beuys appeared in Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. He donated a wooden crate containing nearly 300 of his works of art. Unpacking and commenting on them turned into an artistic action Polentransport 1981.
Nothing was coincidental. 1981 was the 50th anniversary of establishing/founding Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, the one and only "open" museum behind the Iron Curtain. Beuys transport was a vehicle of the idea of transforming reality in which every man is an artist of Social Sculpture. Polish Solidarity movement embodied this artistic utopia. In Polentransport 1981 art, ethics and politics merged into one. The "WIKIzeum Project. 30 years after Beuys" shows the artistic and social utopias of Beuys as completed. It shows we are the beneficiaries of Beuysian change today, although we are often unaware of the benefit.